With a wealth of experience, we provide sound, practical guidance that adds value to your business. Our services are not just about compliance and financial statement preparation; we focus on finding solutions that are specific to your needs.

Small Business Start Up

Whether you are starting up or growing your business, TPM Accounting Services will guide you through the process. Business Registration, Incorporation of Small Businesses, Accounting System Set Up for New Businesses, Establish HST Accounts, Establish Payroll and WSIB Accounts, Strategic Business Planning.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Tax and compliance requirements are always changing. We remain current with this dynamic environment and provide you with knowledgeable, up-to-date services. Personal tax returns, Notices of Objections/Voluntary Disclosures, Charitable Returns, Corporate tax returns, HST filings, WSIB filings, T4, T5, T5008 and other filings Non-resident, and Seasonal Agricultural Workers returns, Dispute settlement with the CRA.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

We understand our clients’ unique needs and provide a variety of services including: Journalizing transactions, Bookkeeping (Monthly / Quarterly /Annual), Preparation and filing of government remittances, Compilation of financial statements.

New Canadians

With a deep understanding of the New Canadian Experience, we understand the challenges that a different culture, unfamiliar government regulations and a new language can bring. We offer customized, Spanish speaking services to meet our client needs. We can help you understand current regulations and correspond with government agencies on your behalf.

Foreign Agricultural Workers

Too often the requirements for filing taxes and complying with Service Canada programs for Foreign Agricultural workers are underestimated. This can result in overpayment of tax, denial of rightful benefits or the heavy burden of repaying benefits that should not have been received. At TPM Accounting Services we understand that navigating the rights & obligations of foreign workers and liaising with government agencies can be overwhelming. We provide expert knowledge and advisory services in Spanish that simplifies the system.

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